STATUS MEDAL-SHOP Reward with a Medal


Status Medal creates corporate gifts, accessories and jewellery, especially for those who have reached the extraordinary. Our design represents all aspects of good relationships and building towards more achievements and success in the future. The clover four has been regarded as a lucky charm since the Middle Ages and symbolises love, luck, hope and fortune. The laurel wreath around the lucky clover stands for victory.


Our corporate giftsets are perfect for any milestone in a career that needs to be recognized, whether it is for a business partner, a successful project, an anniversary, a record breaking achievement, a retirement or being with the company for many years; Status Medal can personalize and customize gift sets especially for your special occasion.

Medals     Suit pin    Cufflink    Earrings    Necklace    Pendant     Tie clip


Status Medal jewellery and giftsets are more than just an accessory: it is a product with huge symbolic value, a piece of recognition and appreciation for the receiver.


We can customize jewellery as to your preference, so if you would like a different type or size of an item, please do not hesitate to contact us.